Museum of Maironis – Cultural heritage

An interactive e-learning course introducing the learner with the cultural heritage preserved in the museum
  • Interactive, exercise-based e-learning
  • Learner is being intrigued to visit the museum and learn more interesting facts

The history living in the museums is full of surprises and lessons. An e-learning course might be a good start for introducing visitors with the treasures hidden behind the museum walls. The engaging form of this training ensures the user involvement. This creates intrigue and raises motivation to learn. Users learn various facts and get various details on the lives of historic figures of Lithuania. Simple questions and detailed feedback makes the material easy to follow.

A. and M. Miškinis Public Library – Motivation to learn

Digital educational game to increase students’ motivation and attendance
  • Developed as a synthesis of gaming & learning in order to attract the attention of children who tend to skip school
  • Points collected during the game were converted into real grades later
  • Resulted in increased numbers of school performance & attendance

Utena A. and M. Miškinis Public Library staff has noticed many primary school students playing video games in the library instead of attending the school. Library staff and school teachers decided to find a way of connecting learning and gaming concepts together in order to interest students in learning. We created a new educational solution which met all the expectations and was later implemented in many other municipal libraries and schools.

The essence of this game is to answer as many questions as possible within a limited time and collect the points. Questions are related to the basic education program and  the points collected can be converted into real grades later.

During the 6 month period immediately after the release of this project, the game was played over 1000 times by the students in Utena district. During this period, students’ motivation increased and higher numbers of school attendance were recorded.

Department of Statistics – Statistics school

E-learning for 5th to 8th graders about statistics
  • An e-learning system of interactive lessons & exercises to broaden the knowledge in the field of Statistics
  • Developed specifically for pupils of 5-8 grades
  • Interactive, creative and engaging
  • Possibility to test the gained knowledge after each lesson

The Lithuanian Department of Statistics aimed to introduce statistics to children. An innovative and animated e-learning system was created, with the lessons tailored separately for pupils of grades 5-8. Children are learning about statistics while reading, watching and listening to animated school characters, and by watching public performances. Pupils are asked to actively participate in the interactive exercises. At the end of each lesson there is a test allowing them to check their knowledge.

The e-learning courses are publicly available here:

State Tax Inspectorate – Electronic declarations

A training course designed to guide through the process of filling a tax declaration in the electronic declaration system (EDS)
  • Developed in order to present the way of using the electronic declaration system – EDS
  • All the information provided precisely step by step
  • Repeats the same style & structure as the forms and info on the EDS webpage

Our client is trying to make their services for taxpayers more convenient & easily accessible. Therefore we were involved into the creation and implementation of an e-learning course which guides the taxpayers through the electronic declaration system – EDS. Knowing that electronic declaration can be tricky, we managed to present all the information clearly & step by step. When following the training, the learner can choose to repeat the previous step or to go further – this process can be repeated until everything is completely understood. All the examples reflect exactly the same style & look of the forms to be found on the declaration system. This way a person can follow the training and repeat the same process while being connected to EDS.

International Organization of Migration – Diversity

E-learning about cultural differences, issues and social needs
  • A social project for police and border patrol officers
  • Developed to expand the knowledge about the people coming from different social & cultural backgrounds
  • The total amount of 5 engaging & interactive e-learning courses about different cultural settings

The main goal of these training courses was to enhance the knowledge of social & cultural diversity and to introduce the ways of providing help to people at risk. It was designed specifically for police and border patrol officers because of their nature of work which is closely related to identifying the needs of people coming from different cultural settings. Knowing the fact that these socially sensitive topics have to be revealed in a precise & professional manner, we have been consulting with the subject-matter experts throughout all the project development phases.