Long-lasting partnership & simultaneous development of e-learning courses
  • A constant amount of training courses being produced on a strict schedule
  • A wide net of outsourced professionals working in the different development phases
  • Constantly upgrading the specific qualifications of the employees working at Siemens
  • Extremely successful partnership with Siemens Gas and Power, delivering e-learning courses on turbomachinery topics


Each month we develop between three-to-six e-learning courses for our partner Siemens. The process includes manuscript writing, editing, visual design, animation, voice recording and technical implementation into SCORM. We create and edit videos & animations as well. The purpose of all these courses is to help raise the qualifications of employees working at Siemens – starting on quality management, ending with compressor repairs.

The biggest challenge working with this client is managing the development of quite a few e-learning courses simultaneously and being able to deliver projects on a very strict schedule. To achieve that, we follow a strict process that lets us handle different tasks during different e-learning course development stages flawlessly.

New Hire Orientation

New hire introduction to the company procedures made easier with a clear and compelling onboarding e-learning
  • Based on the code of conduct and other policies
  • Covering the company history, mission, strategy, values and beliefs, philosophy, company leaders, customers, core business units, policies and work principles
  • Matching the company culture and tone
  • Obligatory for new employees
  • Animated, dubbed & synchronised
  • Built from scratch while consulting with subject experts
  • Internal documents transformed into an interactive digital & gamified format

Our task here was to transform the client’s PPT learning materials, legal documents and other internal documents into an interactive digital format – an e-learning course. We got acquainted with all the client material and started the process by suggesting ideas for the style and approach. After the agreement on the main points was reached, the development phase started. We did all the work including manuscript writing, voice recording and synchronisation, designs, animations and technical implementation into SCORM. While building these projects, we were getting a great help from Littelfuse subject experts – it helped to present all the content in a detailed & precise manner.

Mentoring program

Slightly gamified, character-based e-learning for the participants of a mentoring program aiming to shape their approach and model the right relationship culture
  • A non-obligatory e-learning for the motivated users only, which allows the e-learning to take a more casual, funny and relaxed approach
  • Quizzes and tasks are for guiding the user and not for strict regulation
  • Forming the soft skills, analysing the mentoring relationship, guiding on behaviour and attitude
  • Game-like environment

Having a motivated audience is bliss. For an e-learning course, this means we can take on a more casual, funny and relaxed approach. This e-learning course – for the participants of a mentoring program – follows a process similar to a game. Exercises in this training are more of a guiding nature than checking the knowledge. The goals of this training are to form  soft skills, analyse the mentoring relathionship and to guide  behaviour and attitude.

Lietuvos energija – Electricity Market

An e-learning course introducing the learners with the main principles of electricity market operations
  • Built in order to implement a deep understanding of the specifics in the field of electricity markets
  • Covers the topics of electricity consumption, electricity market development etc.
  • Based on the exact graphs, numbers & statistics

We have developed an e-learning for a state capital company group – Lietuvos Energija. This training covered all the necessary information requisite to get a deeper understanding of how the electricity market works. It contained the topics such as global trends in global electricity consumption, perspectives of electricity market development, the main principles of electricity trading and a few more. Our main goal was not only to ensure the achievement of general subject-area knowledge but to provide the learners with a precise & correct data as well. The graphs of electricity consumption and other exact numbers & statistics were provided throughout the course.