Lietuvos energija – GDPR

An e-learning made in the event of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), used to introduce the employees to the definition of personal data and the requirements for handling it
  • Forming a profound understanding of personal data: what  it is, how to handle it, what is considered to be a violation etc.
  • Implementing the newest information coming from the GDPR.
  • Widely varying skill level of the learners.

This e-learning was created in the event of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is being used to introduce the employees to the definition of personal data and the new requirements for handling it. The main goal of this training is to smoothen the transition period and get used to the new rules that came with an update of GDPR. Even though some topics of this training are strictly juristic and complex, it is suitable for learners from different kinds of background and reveals the information in a manner which is simple & easy to understand.

Conflict management

Simulation-based e-learning made for convenience stores operators, on how to act in conflict situations
  • Simulation-based approach, where the learner gets feedback immediately after each step/choice
  • Detailed analysis of conflict dynamics
  • FAQ section with the most common conflict situation examples and solutions

Reitan Convenience knows their employees come in contact with all kinds of people having different kinds of problems every day. Therefore, we created an e-learning to assist learners with exercising their skill of solving conflicts in a professional manner. The learning material consists of the theory on conflict management. And the most important part of this training is a simulation of three different real-life situations. The learner gets to choose a step after getting the input from an imaginary customer and gets detailed feedback after each step. The e-learning also has an FAQ section in which the learner finds additional tips on how to act in different conflict situations.

Customer Service Standard

Training for Tele2 employees responsible for customer service
  • Developed to better understand the customers’ needs and increase the quality of the service
  • Filled with various interactive exercises and tasks simulating real-life situations
  • Successfully implemented and followed by another e-learning course right away

Customer Service Standard was developed specifically for shop assistants whose everyday work is directly related to the customers. Training was based on various topics from the strict requirements for the salon environment to the difficult situations one can get into while communicating with people. The main goal for us was not only to convey all the information in a simple – yet effective – manner but to keep the consistency with Tele2’s brand as well. It resulted in an e-learning course that reflects the style of Tele2 and helps to memorise the information through the making of various tasks & exercises & the final test. After the positive feedback from the client, this training was followed by another e-learning course – Sales standard.